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OPGW is a conductive wire that is used in electrical transmission lines that offers protection phase conductors against lightning strikes.

An OPGW metal joint box is also known as the "splicing box" is designed to keep the fiber core splices that lead to a patch panel in a control room. The fiber splice can be connected to a trunk cable. An OPGW joint box is one the vital equipment needed in the construction of an optical cable line project. It has a good impact on the optical cable line's quality along with the service life. OPGW cables have broad applications and consist of several fiber cores such as OPGW 48, 24, 96 and many more.

The OPGW joint box can be installed on the inner side of the iron tower. The installation height must be from 8 m to 10 m & the installation position must be in uniform position across the complete line.

The inlet, as well as the outlet of the connector box, has to be smooth. The bending radius must not be less than the regulations put up by manufacturers.

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OPGW Joint Box

OPGW Joint Box