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Water escaping a leak under pressure causes the pipe wall to vibrate. These vibrations can be sensed acoustically on valves using the latest noise level logger technology. These noises and frequency can be stored using an inbuilt audio data recorder. Using both these factors, the leak probability can be determined, as well as the relative leak position in relation to adjacent loggers. User-friendly computer software, as well as the established principle, helps the user to locate leak detection efficiently. Even Real-time measurements also can be done.

Monitor noise as often as required for compliance investigations. Access sound levels across short or long periods of time to determine the impact on nearby communities or to investigate locations for permanent installations. Increase your productivity and reduce operating costs by using Noise Loggers to record your continuous, unattended sound level measurements in real-time.

Our Noise Loggers provide unattended noise measurements efficiently, accurately and reliably. They can be used to:

  • Reliably record real-time and historical noise level measurements while you’re off site
  • Accurately log – and remotely access – data to determine the environmental impact
  • Confidently show regulatory compliance with quality data sets

With continuous, independent operation, the Noise Loggers efficiently records noise levels. Its accurate information enables you to confidently investigate complaints.

  • Log noise data over long periods of time to examine sound levels
  • Capture real-time, unattended noise measurements efficiently, accurately and reliably
  • Use data to easily identify noise sources
  • Quickly resolve complaints with trusted, factual information

Real-time noise data logging is often required when planning new developments or requesting a change in operating conditions. The Noise Loggers reliably enables you to:

  • Measure all the parameters that you need right out of the box
  • Capture data to comply with environmental assessment regulations
  • Save time by more quickly analysing and reporting on data captured
  • Capture accurate and reliable data that you can trust
  • Create an audit trail and single source of truth

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Noise Logger

Noise Logger