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Condenser Tubes are technically designed to efficiently condense process fluid off of the outside of the tube, and the application is widespread in heat exchangers, from being part of a condenser and evaporator refrigeration cycle in a chiller to condensing steam in surface condensers, and everything in between. Commonly these tubes are manufactured with an O.D. of 5/8”, ¾”, and 1”. Some applications, particularly ammonia chillers, use larger O.D. tubes than these. Condenser tubes can also be internally and externally enhanced to further increase their efficiency.

Dutco Tennant LLC supplies cold drawn seamless carbon steel and cold drawn seamless alloy steel tubes and pipes as per various international specifications. These condenser tubes are mainly suitable to be used for Heat Transfer Application. We deliver seamless heat exchanger tubes to cater to the most critical applications of the industry. Also known as heat exchanger tubes, these tubes mainly find applications in Pressure Vessels, Cryogenic Pressure Vessels, High-Pressure Equipment, Tube Sheets of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Air Preheater, Finned Tubes, Air Cooler Tubes, etc. They are used in Industries like Refineries, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Chemical Factories, Fertilizer Plants, Ship Building, etc. Tubes can be manufactured in straight lengths or U bent as per the customer requirements. To provide the closest dimensional tolerance and smooth outside and inside finish, our tubes are manufactured by the cold drawn process. Further to achieve the desired Mechanical Properties the tubes are heat treated (Normalized, Stress Relieved, Annealed, and Tempered Etc) as per the customer/grade requirement.

Straightening is done on Multiple Roll Straightening Machines to achieve accuracy up to 1mm: 100mm straightness. Our stringent quality checks and best packing practices ensure that the material delivered to the customer is of the highest quality and reaches the destination in the best condition. Dutco Tennant LLC stocks replacement tubes in their prime surface from in a variety of different alloys, as well as pre-finned tubes for use in almost any application.

Dutco Tennant LLC is much more than an industrial and engineering solutions supplier but it is a complete solution provider for a wide range of fields. We have been the leaders in supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical. Our clientele list comprises of high-profile corporate and government projects, and we have contributed to the creation of world-class private and public infrastructures such as water and wastewater projects, airports, exhibition centers, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, universities, and offices around the Middle East and GCC region.

Copper Nickle Tubes

Copper Nickle Tubes