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We provide mobile environment lab which has the ability to go to on-site and do sample analysis immediately. This greatly enhances the ability to quickly define the type and scope of the problem. Over the years these equipment have proved to be a valuable solution in swiftly identifying the problem and the source of contamination. Our mobile labs follow a strict QA/QC protocol and we have fully validated methodology as needed by different environmental protection agencies, and the results can be used reliably anywhere.

Our mobile labs are in constant demand by different industries. To maximize its use, the mobile environment lab may be used simultaneously to analyze samples from more than one contaminated site in a place. As the mobile environment lab have the capability to analyze samples unattended overnight, it can process multiple samples per day.

The company provides equipment which may be used as redundant instruments to provide uninterrupted service and maximum laboratory output. Dutco Tennant LLC has implemented environment lab on various project types including agricultural analysis, chemical analysis, sediment remediation, dredging, gas plant, petroleum tank, underground storage tank, soil treatment, and other applications.

The most important feature of a mobile lab is its ability to go to a site and provide analysis for samples immediately. This enhances the ability of experts to quickly define the type and scope of the problem and in over year's fieldwork, has proved to be invaluable in the swift identification of potentially responsible parties and the source of contamination. The mobile lab follows a strict Quality Assurance-Quality Control (QA/QC) protocol and fully validated methodology as required by various environmental regulatory.

About Our Mobile Environment Lab:

Our mobile laboratories are capable of providing on-site testing. These mobile labs are self-contained, powered by generators, and are fully equipped with Gas Chromatographs and customized field testing equipment. We have a skilled team of people who have the ability to work with clients to use problem-solving methods and set up tests for understanding site requirements. We have creative and cost-effective mobile solutions to meet your demanding assignments.

Mobile Labs from our supplier may be deployed for a range of missions, and are good for applications even in the most demanding environments. These mobile labs come with ruggedized cabinetry to insure that sensitive instruments can be safely transported wherever they are required. These advanced mobile labs provide a good and reliable means to do onsite job testing.

Environment Lab

Environment Lab