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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) is a philosophy that has emerged as the best way to deal with storm flows and flooding from sealed surfaces. Dutco Tennant LLC is a world-leading solution provider for infiltration and soakaway of surface water due to rainfall. The products like infiltration tanks and soakaway tanks that we supply have been developed as the result of a far-reaching R&D program and close partnership with industry practitioners.

Our rainwater soakaway and infiltration tanks when combined with your existing surface water products, give the unique capability of supplying a complete solution for all water attenuation, infiltration & storage requirements. And we work closely with you in every step from design to installation of customized roads & utilities solutions. Our products can be used for infiltration, as a soakaway and as part of blue roof systems.

Soakaways are usually square or circular-shaped excavations that are usually filled with debris or lined with masonry, concrete or polyethylene rings surrounded by grainy backfill. They can be grouped and interconnected to drain large areas including roads. Soakaways give many advantages such as very less net land take, supports groundwater recharge, peak stormwater flow attenuation, good civil acceptability, easy to build and operate, and can be retrofitted.

In modern times, soakaways which give much more benefits have been constructed using modular water storage cells called soakaway crates due to their resemblance to old-style plastic milk crates. Water creates are now found in almost all types of building projects as water management is becoming an ever-increasing factor for developers, homeowners, and local authorities.

Advantages of Our Soakaway and Infiltration Tanks are:

They provide long service without requiring any maintenance for many decades. When installing for highways, these systems can take any traffic load without moving, breach or failure.

Our solution needs the smallest cover requirement; they can be set up with very little cover in pedestrian traffic areas and roadways.

They can be used for large storage needs providing unmatched installation depth range, which means they can attain nearly any storage volume without getting affected by site constraints.

These systems have been specifically chosen to serve the geographical terrain of the Middle Eastern countries. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading civil infrastructure products supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We provide rainwater tanks, stormwater chambers, soakaway, and infiltration tanks for rainwater projects in the Gulf countries. Contact us for such solutions anywhere in the Emirates, Qatar, and other countries. The key to efficient rainwater management lies with a rainwater storage tank. These tanks are surface and groundwater infiltration systems that are capable of replacing old ditches or infill infiltration ponds that collect clean water which can be reused and re-entered into the traditional systems of water. These are highly efficient options for rainwater management over any type of soil. The systems clean the water of the contaminants and maintain it in a suitable condition for the consumption of humans. The rainwater soakaway tanks offer an empty space of over 90% which is compared to the 20% which is obtained by the conventional methods of infiltration. These systems have been designed to offer greater storage capacity with a much smaller impact on the environment. This also does not allow the accumulation of the sediments that mark as an important t different in respect to the plugging of the characteristics occurring in the conventional wells. When the tanks are placed underground, it offers a large usable area that can improve the range of aesthetic options for the project which is compared with the plastic or concrete tanks which are located conventionally over the ground.

Tank Modules

Tank Modules