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Cable diagnostic is a technique that helps in the assessment of insulation quality of the medium voltage (MV) cable systems. The cable diagnostic system helps in assessing whether the cable can withstand testing, tan delta testing and partial discharge testing or not. A cable diagnostic system can provide important and accurate information that can be used for improving the reliability of the system, lessening repairing costs and avoiding unnecessary and expensive outages. Cable diagnostics are just like medical diagnostics as they can tell there is something degraded or wrong in the cable.

Cable diagnosis helps to determine if the cable is safe or not for its operation while testing. Most of the network operators accentuate the importance of a proper cable diagnostic because it offers vital information on faults in a system, especially in the cable network.

The cable circuits consist of several branches with various cable designs along with a wide range of insulation materials. Every insulation material ages in different ways as a function of temperature, time and operating situations. There are varieties of cable diagnostic systems that accurately assess the condition of your cable circuits and is a quite effective approach. There are many advantages of deploying cable diagnostic systems that can lead to the precise operation of cables.

It is very important while implementing cable diagnostic systems to have realistic expectations. The diagnosis is very useful and is a successful process. The diagnosis programs should be planned carefully. The results of the diagnosis should be studied thoroughly. With diligence & proper care, cable diagnosis can immensely help users to improve the reliability of their system.

The cable diagnostic system is a rapidly increasing genre in the electrical field. With the increment of several useful technologies along with the latest approaches, the diagnostic system can boost up effectiveness, economic success and understanding of performing cable diagnosis programs.

Benefits of having a cable diagnostic system:

  • You can plan your investments in a much more effective way
  • It can provide maximum network availability
  • Cable diagnostic system can keep repairing and maintenance cost minimum
  • Accurate analysis can help in carrying out costly maintenance only when it is needed.

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DAC Test System M30

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DAC Test System M60