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Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading supplier of Construction Lab. These labs are made of high-quality construction material testing equipment which is made to match your unique applications. Our experienced customer service staff and technical support staff work with you to select products which meet even the most stringent standards.

We provide mobile laboratories for doing various on-site tests to determine both the physical and chemical test for various construction materials like Concrete, Soil, Cement, Asphalt & other construction materials.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides mobile laboratory for construction lab, which may be used to provide technical support to the construction and building industry players. We provide mobile labs which are dedicated to providing support for companies that use cement as a chief component in their products, such as ready-mix concrete producers and dry mortar manufacturers.

Our mobile lab features equipment which can undertake complex solution testing work such as concrete, aggregate, and cement testing. There is a growing demand for excellent construction solution which is a primary motivation for us to provide quality construction mobile laboratories. We are keen on providing quick and reliable lab testing facilities for the construction and building industry players.

Dutco Tennant LLC was established with an aim to serve a wide variety of laboratory equipment. We believe in serving products with quality. Our big range of laboratory equipment consists of various range of mobile labs for construction projects. Our products provide accuracy and assurance for significant experiments. We constantly work harder to improve the overall quality of the industry. We are constantly bringing together the best technical expertise to provide viable and cost-effective solutions to laboratories while answering the need for affordable, outstanding and exceptional after-sales service & support thus enabling our customers to attain the highest value for their purchases. We strive to advance people's knowledge and their ability to enhance their quality of life. Trust in a strong brand that stands for quality and innovation in the lab for decades.

Making a Better World with Construction Lab Solutions:

  • These mobile labs have rugged construction of vehicle for difficult terrains.
  • They have aesthetically designed interiors with shelves and cupboards for keeping various laboratory equipment and consumables.
  • Do any tests, as and when required, with immediate results.
  • They have been made to reach a destination quickly, and they are fully-equipped for the job.
  • One can do follow up and monitoring of several sites together.
  • The unit can be fabricated on any vehicle type. You can customize the vehicles as per your requirements.
  • You can customize the labs by varying quality and location of benches, desks, cabinets, sinks, hoods, and other things. You can equip the van with AC, Generator, and other things as per your need.
Construction Lab

Construction Lab