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Dutco Tennant LLC has a big stake in providing high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) for the protection of electric and telephone underground cables.It is made of two coextruded layers: the outer wall is corrugated to assure a greater resistance to deflection and flexibility; the inner wall is plain to ease cable insertion and slipping.Thanks to the co-extrusion technique, there is no possibility of layers split.These pipes are lightweight and durable, which make them suitable to handle chemically abrasive environments. They are easy to install and do not break during handling and setting up.Duct pipes find application in constructing road bridges, culverts, underpasses, water seepage wells, temporary pavement, old bridges, and culverts repairing, mine conveying pipes, municipal drainage ditch, municipal utility tunnel, and other fields.

The twin-layer conduit is available from diameter 40 mm to diameter 200 mm in coils.

Our HDPE Pipes are compliant with the following standards:
  • CEI EN 61386-1
  • CEI EN 61386-24
  • European LV Directive 2014/35/EU
Double Wall Corrugtaed HDPE Pipes

Double Wall Corrugtaed HDPE Pipes