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Dutco Tennant LLC offers high quality irrigation gate valves that do a number of tasks such as flow isolation in irrigation piping systems. Our valves have been designed with high graded materials to protect from wear and tear due to corrosion or dezincification. Our valves have been designed with constant wall width and precise seating tolerances to insure that they are operable for long term service.

Irrigation and landscaping have a wide uses of backwater valves for both installations above ground and underground. These valves allow bi-directional flow of water and are versatile valves which have been designed to start or stop flow of water in Irrigation and landscaping. We can provide diversified kind of gate valve for Irrigation & landscaping which are made up of different construction materials with rising and non-rising stem design. We can deliver you all types of gate valves of different types and sizes.

Gate valves offer a number of advantages, for example, these valves don’t create a pressure drop during operations, they can be used as bi-directional valves, and they can be used in high-pressure water transmission lines without any maintenance.

We have done a number of projects in the Middle East and GCC region, and we are a well established player in offering irrigation & landscaping Gate valve for about four decades. We have earned a good reputation in supplying all kinds of gate valve for irrigation & landscaping.

In these irrigation valves the disk moves at right angles to the flow of water to start or stop the flow in pipeline.  These valves are operated by means of a threaded stem which means users will have to turn the valve multiple times to open or close it which makes the entire process slow and also stops the water hammer effects.

We offer both rising stems and non-rising stem irrigation & landscaping valves. For above-ground uses rising stems are mostly suitable, while the non-rising stem valves takes less vertical space as the stem is kept within the valve body, and hence they are suitable for underground operation.

Different Types of Gate Valves are:

  • As per disk types: Solid Taper Wedge, Flexible wedge, and split wedge.
  • As per Body Bonnet Joint types: Welded-Bonnet, Bolted-Bonnet, Screwed Bonnet, and Pressure-Seal Bonnet.
  • As per stem movement types: Rising stem and Non-rising stem.

We have been for long supplying flood irrigation gates for irrigation & landscaping for different projects in the Middle East and Gulf region. We have participated in many irrigation & landscaping projects in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.

Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Non Rising Stem

Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Non Rising Stem

Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Rising Stem

Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Rising Stem