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A tremendous amount of risk driven by difficult economic environments, intense regulatory scrutiny, challenges in globalization, and increased pressure for innovation are experienced by Life Science and Health Care industries. The business involving development, testing and distribution of life-saving medical devices is highly regulated. That is why we provide you with the right life science testing solutions you need to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

With gradually evolving advances, discoveries of new drugs, changes in sourcing, and increased regulations, the life science and health care industries need software testing methodologies that keep them agile and that are designed to address their specific needs.

As the world’s leading Life Sciences testing Solutions provider company, we offer you solutions based on decades of experience in the field of life sciences. Therefore, we are a preferred partner to provide you highly desired analytical solutions which are perfectly placed to help you.

Automation can help the Life Science industry as global healthcare needs continue to grow at a fast rate. Vendors are using automation to improve product quality for test samples, surgical rooms, medical devices, and patients in the healthcare system. Dutco Tennant LLC offers the right solution for Life Science testing. These tools have been tested and proven over many years of producing desired results. It gives you the tools and resources you need to do many Life Science testing Solutions.

Importance Of Our Life Science Testing Solutions:

Doctors and scientists who are involved in forensics, drug development, disease recognition, and diagnosis, or genetic study know the value of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Useful especially for small samples or fragments, PCR replicates, or amplifies, given gene sequences. Researchers can study these chains for additions, deletions or mutations in relation to genetic conditions or disease conditions.

Polymerase Chain Reaction is used to create critical samples for doing research. The PCR Lab Equipments PCR Lab Equipments featured here has been selected to help you do life science research. In this segment, our products are PCR Lab Equipments and PCR Imaging systems.

In this segment, we offer high-quality thermal cyclers which have been helping clients for many years. In the past years, our Thermal Cyclers have built a reputation for dependability, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces. Our company provides thermal cycler for every challenge, application, and budget.

Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) also known as quantitative PCR or QPCR is supplied by us. An important feature in RT-PCR is that DNA amplification is detected in real-time as PCR is in progress through a fluorescent reporter.

PCR Lab Equipments

PCR Lab Equipments

PCR Imaging systems

PCR Imaging systems