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Fire is a serious threat to the safety and security of any building and affects thousands of facilities each year resulting in injury and building damage. The major goal of fire safety efforts should be to prevent loss of life and property damage by installing & maintaining reliable fire safety equipment. Dutco Tennant LLC offers a wide range of fire safety equipment that can be used inside buildings for fire protection and preventing damages due to fire. These products are curated from the top manufacturers of the world and are reliable and provide unmatched quality service.

Fire Hydrants are all around us and these above ground fittings can supply flows upwards of 1500 gallons per minute to save lives and put out fires across the world.

Fire hydrants are a special fixed format pipe system connected to a reliable source of fire protection water supply and well equipped with water spray nozzles, for specific water distribution over the surface or area to be protected. In other words, Fire hydrants are basically above ground pumps that run off the pipeline for safety in urban or residential areas. The firefighters can connect their hoses to these hydrants to avail water for extinguishing the fire.

Fire hydrants are just an attachment to a main potable water line. The ones we see on the side of a road are having a potable water line running underneath that connects to the hydrant valve through a pipe called a “riser.” It’s important to note that hydrants don’t alter the pressure or flow of the water in any way, they simply function as valves so firefighters can utilize the already present pressure in the water pipes.

We offer two types of Firefighting products hydrants – the Dry Barrel type and the Wet Barrel type. They come with all the necessary local and international approvals and certifications.

Wet barrel hydrants are used where freezing temperatures are uncommon. In this design, water fills the entire hydrant at all times, and the valve to start the flow of water is placed above the ground. This design is usually cheaper to construct and easier to maintain due to the majority of its mechanism being easily accessible.

Dry barrel hydrants are used where temperatures routinely drop below freezing and thus, to keep the water in the hydrant from freezing, the valve is placed below the area’s frost line. The nut to turn the valve on is usually placed on top of the hydrant in this design to turn the long valve running through the hydrant and the riser.

Above Ground Pillar Type - Fire Hydrant

Above Ground Pillar Type - Fire Hydrant