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The ‘Calibration Standard’ of the test bench which is considered a Primary (Calibration) Standard to test and calibrate domestic gas meters. Gas meters are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, etc. The device is ideal for OEMs. Calibration Laboratories and Calibration Service Providers. The test bench comes with 2 sizes of bell prover and is effective to cover very low to maximum flow rates like example 0.016 m3/h (0.27 LPM) to 6 m3/h (100 LPM).

During a cycle, up to 4 Gas Meters can be connected. The facility provided for continuously monitoring Differential Pressure (DP) across each Meter as well as upstream & downstream line pressures & line temperatures. Line pressures are regulated typically around 500Pa. By the PC all the testing procedures can be controlled and run automatically, then the test results can be saved and printed.

Bell prover helps the gas flow meter test bench to sample and calibrate the gas flow. It can test rotameter, gas meter, and other forms of the gas flow meter. The bell prover can move up and down automatically and the gas-output valve can switch automatically. A sealed space of variable volume is formed by the bell prover and liquid cell. When the bell moves down into the sealed liquid, through the pressure compensation mechanism, the internal gas pressure does not vary along with the changed depth of the sealed liquid. Meanwhile, the gas in the bell is exhausted to the flow meters through a connecting pipe. The exhausted gas volume will be detected compared with the cumulative in the meters.

The test bench is mainly designed for the calibration of domestic gas meters (diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, thermoelectric gas meters). The test bench comes with a modular design, it is possible to combine 1x6 to 4x6 clamping points for gas meters. The modular design allows 1 to 12 gas meters to be tested simultaneously. In parallel, up to twelve test specimens can be adapted, run in and leak tested. The leak tests are carried out automatically. The gas meters are tested at three or more measuring points. A magazine that is made of three sonic nozzles is used as a flow sensor. The nozzle magazine can be exchanged with just a few hand movements so that up to five different gas meter types can be calibrated on one test bench. Optionally, a nozzle drum with nine combinable nozzles can be used which allows the generation of up to 512 different flow points.

Gas Meter Test Bench

Gas Meter Test Bench