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Dutco Tennant LLC pays special attention to our client’s specific tastes and desires and collaborates with consultants and contractors to create the ideal landscape and irrigation which are perfect from every aspect. We are always growing and looking up to implement new and advanced solutions to our inventory. Our solutions and products are all tried and tested to meet reliability expectations.

You may plan to design your garden for relaxing, enjoying yourself and having fun, therefore we think the key to a wonderful and useful landscape is to well define the space to serve your needs.

We offer various products for maintenance services for landscape & irrigation. No matter how well defined your landscape is specialized preservation and aftercare is essential to ensure its continuity; however large or small your landscape is, it should be continually preserved to maintain the design concept chosen by the clients. You can even decor your landscape with indoor plants to add smoothness to your landscape.

Benefits of Landscape and Irrigation Products:

Dutco Tennant LLC can supply the right products and equipment to assist in plot design, garden lighting plan, and drip irrigation system. Our technicians are experienced exterior design experts who understand the garden aesthetics and have experience in knowing how the lights should be fitted and positioned in the landscape and irrigation system.

We do a detailed analysis of your landscape to give the best-suited design for it. Then, working with our landscape experts, we provide equipment that makes certain most favorable watering results and utmost competence in water administration.

Our solutions help you to remove surplus water from your landscape and irrigation systems. The geotextile keeps soil, sand particles, solids, and other concrete or grout, allowing only filtered water to pass into the drainage cell system.

Dutco Tennant LLC’s professional workers will aid you in opting the right products for your desired landscape irrigation. We provide products for a new installation, repairing existing water systems & maintaining existing landscape and irrigation systems.

The primary reason why clients around the Emirates come to us is we provide premium solutions to the client desires. Quality of our products and variety we have is the main attraction of our services. We offer unique civil infrastructure solutions to clients’ problems, aided by the best quality fittings, and suited to the special climate of the Emirates. Contact us for your various landscape and irrigation product requirements in the Middle East and GCC area.

Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell