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Double Wall Corrugtaed HDPE Pipes Civil Infrastructure
Double Wall Corrugtaed HDPE Pipes Bridges
Double Wall Corrugtaed HDPE Pipes Dutcotennant

The twin-layer conduit is available from diameter 40 mm to diameter 200 mm in coils and bars.

Our HDPE Pipes are compliant with the following standards:
  • CEI EN 61386-1
  • CEI EN 61386-24
  • European LV Directive 2014/35/EU

Characteristics of HDPE Duct Pipes

  • Thanks to its flexibility the pipe can be installed in any ground and slope. The flexibility helps to avoid all kind of obstacles with no need for bends.
  • Elasticity helps to absorb all stresses caused by the ground settlements. It can be installed in any ground, in underground shafts, as well as in moist, wet and aggressive environments.
  • Its lightness makes storing, transport and installation very easy.
  • Cables available in different colors for easier identification. Multiple die saddles for the construction of multi-pipe systems.
  • It is supplied in 50 m coils (25 meters for DN 200 mm), all provided with 1 coupler.


Our Duct Pipes are used for the passage and underground protection of LV electrical cables, telephone wires and telecommunication systems.