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Flow Meter is a device used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid. Flow meters are referred to by many names, like flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc., depending on the particular industry. However, they all measure flow. Open channels, like rivers or streams, may be measured with flow meters. More frequently, the most utility from a flow meter and the greatest variety of flow meters focus on measuring gasses and liquids in a pipe.Improving the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid measurement are the greatest benefits of the best flow meters.

Magnetic flow meters, also known as electromagnetic flow meters or mag meters, are often selected because they are obstruction less, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement. A range of liner materials, electrode options, and line sizes accommodate a wide variety of process applications. Mag meters can measure fluids bi-directionally, are effective for both very low and high-volume flow rates. Electromagnetic flow meters, or magmeters, are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow. The magnetic flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the voltage generated by the sensor, converts the voltage into a flow measurement and transmits that flow measurement to a control system.

Magnetic flow meters are well suited for a variety of applications across a range of industries including pulp and paper, metals and mining, water and wastewater, food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical and oil and gas. Because the magnetic flow meter design does not leave any protrusions or obstructions in the pipe, they are able to accommodate an array of applications from clean and sanitary liquids to slurries and highly corrosive or abrasive fluids.

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Wafer / Grooved – Flow Meter

Wafer / Grooved – Flow Meter

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