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Wafer / Grooved – Flow Meter Infrastructure & Pumping Station Networks

Choose from our various available types of Flow Meters that best suits your requirement. Refer features list below for more details.


  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use; temperature range 0° C to 68° C
  • Equipped with tamper resistant screws to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Two synchronized switches are enclosed in a durable terminal block. Terminals are easy to read and wire.
  • Built-In mechanical time delay feature; minimizing the risk of false alarms due to pressure surges or air trapped in the system
  • The F6001 offers excellent performance during riser vibrations caused by large in-rushes of water.
  • Designed and built for accuracy and repeatability
  • Flow sensitivity range: 4-10 GPM(15-38LPM)
  • Corrosion Protection: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior or Enamel Spray Paint, Interior and Exterio

Technical Details

Working Pressure 450PSI
Working Temperature 0°C to 68°C


  • UL Listed.
  • FM Approved.
  • GOST Certification.

Materials List

1 Saddle DI, A536 65-45-12
2 Holder SS304+EPDM
3 Plate Aluminium Alloy
4 Cover Aluminium Alloy
5 Paddle Plastic
6 Microswitch Plastic
7 Gasket EPDM
8 Retarding device Plastic
9 Terminal Box Plastic