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Mud Valves are designed primarily for use in settling tanks of water and wastewater treatment plants. They are for low-pressure applications only. Their intended use is to drain tanks for maintenance or cleaning. Mud valves are furnished with a 2” square operating nut; however, they can be supplied with optional stem or handwheel. This valve series uses bronze seats in the body and gate. The cast iron body assembly features manganese bronze stems and guides for use in submerged installations. The fasteners are furnished in stainless steel to prevent corrosion from years of submerged service. Valve position indicators are recommended with mud valves, to provide a visual indication of the valve’s position.

Mud Valves feature rugged cast iron frame construction designed for long life in tough conditions. They are commonly applied in settling basin lines, waterworks, and sewage treatment plants, settling basins and similar industrial applications where sedimentation material must be flushed from the system. Because valves of this type are installed in hard-to-access locations, reliability and longevity are very important.

Key Features –

  • High-strength cast iron frame, cover, and yoke
  • Flange-style frame mounts to 125 lb. ANSI std. flange
  • Bronze-to-Bronze or Neoprene-to-Bronze seating design options
  • Stainless steel stem standard

Mud valves are commonly used as drain valves in the bottom of water and wastewater treatment basins and tanks, but they’re also used in industrial applications with spill or overflow containment basins. So it goes without saying that when you’re looking for a new mud valve, reliability and longevity is a key concern. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to clean up that mess. Mud valves are designed for settling basin drain lines, sump blow-offs, swimming pool drains, waterworks, sewage and filtration plants, irrigation systems, and industrial installations. They are recommended for use in lines of low seating or unseating pressures only.

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Non Rising Stem-Stainless Steel

Non Rising Stem-Stainless Steel