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Irrigation Filters Sewage

The automatic self-cleaning filter with double cleaning system

High efficiency due to the combined action of brushes and vacuum pads.

  • Stainless steel housing and filter cartridge
  • Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
  • No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
  • The economic and robust choice for automation of filtration
  • Very simple and reliable cleaning mechanism with special pads with brushes

filters are automatic sewage filters with double cleaning system: suction scanning, complete with brushes, driven by an electric motor.

Thanks to a flexible mechanism of a scanner, ensuring adherence to the screen, this filter has high cleaning efficiency: first, the brushes remove grosser dirt from the screen; second, the pads suck the finer dirt.

ABV filters can support flow rates of up to 600 m³/h (2642 US gpm) with five sizes of screens up to 8100 cm2, with several multi-layers screens covering the range of filtration degree between 1000 and 25 μm and with different range of inlet/outlet flanged connections between 2" and 12".

Available 2 Controllers

  • Basic controller (differential pressure and/or preset time and/or manual start, IP54, 4DI,4AI/DI, 4DO, LCD Display 1.5")
  • Full controller (as Basic but it can be integrated into existing systems, no needmonitoring, IP54, 4DI, 4AI/DI, 4PowerDO + 3DO, LCD Display 3.5")


Automatic self-cleaning filters Applications :

  • Irrigation
  • District Cooling
  • Water Treatment
  • Food industries
  • Treatment plants