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Hose Bib Plumbing Products

A hose bib is the small faucet attachment on an outer wall of your home that facilitates your access to water in your backyard, driveway, and the likes. As the name implies, this is the small tap that functions as an attachment to your garden hose, giving you easy access to water outdoors. Hose bibs disguise themselves under various names depending on who you ask - sometimes a sillcock, sometimes an outdoor water faucet or even a spigot - but they all refer to the same water mechanism attached to the outside of your home.

Your hose bib connects directly to the plumbing system in your home. All the faucets in your home are attached to your plumbing system through a series of smaller pipes - your hose bib is no different. Because it’s outdoors, however, it does require different maintenance (especially once the cold hits) then your indoor water access points.

A hose bib is a tap that you can find outside the back of your door. It is also known as a sillcock. It comes with threading on the spout and is made for the attachment of a washing machine or garden hose. On the rainwater barrels which are used in suburban gardens for providing a source of clean, fresh, and free water for the winter months, the hose bib is also found there. A hose needs to be attached to the barrel for ensuring that the water reaches the garden. A hose bib makes washing your car easy, it allows you to water your garden and also makes your kids have fun in summer by running through the sprinkler. This also allows you to enjoy the comfort of running water outside of your home easily and very conveniently. This small device that remains attached to our homes makes us very productive during the summer and gives pleasure too. Like all the other things, our hose bibs also require attention, most importantly during the winter months. They are capable of contaminating the drinking water in our homes.


  • Hose bibb type faucets with tee handle or HandWheel