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Basket Type - Strainer Infrastructure & Pumping Station Networks

Basket type are very rarely used in the firefighting networks. They are available with various material combinations and End Connections.


  • Flange dimensions conform to ANSI B16.1 Class 125
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior, AWWA C550.
  • The surface area of the screen openings are minimum ratio of 6 to 1 of the cross-sectional area of the pipe waterway.

Technical Data

Working Pressure 200 psi
Working Temperature 14°F - 248°F


Plug at the bottom of body 3”~6”
Plug on the side of body 8”~12”

Materials List

1 Body Ductile Iron
2 Cover Ductile Iron
3 Screen Stainless Steel
4 Gasket Rubber
5 Bolts Carbon Steel
6 Nuts Carbon Steel
7 Plug Malleable Iron
8 Eye Bolt Carbon Steel