The Big 5 brings the entire portfolio of building materials, construction products, and solutions together with all under one roof. Manufacturers, suppliers, traders and service providers from various countries of the world would be showcasing thousand of advanced technologies and solutions over the four days of the event. Visitors of this grand event will be demonstrated and displayed about the latest product additions by Dutco Tennant LLC from Asteknik.

Asteknik is one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum Expansion Joint and Decoration profiles for the construction industry. They have been presenting high-quality products with competitive prices since 1985. Customers have trusted Asteknik as a trusted solution partner because of its focus on customer satisfaction and the changing demands of the construction industry. They manufacture their products in one of the biggest aluminum extrusion plants in Europe in accordance with international standards. As a natural consequence of long-term & reliable relations with foreign business partners, Asteknik's products are exported to more than 50 countries and preferred in many prestigious projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, Gulf & Middle East regions.

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At our stall in The BIG 5 2019, visitors will be taught by the experts of Asteknik about the Expansion Joints and Stair Case Nosing.

Expansion Joints

Broad-based buildings are designed as independent blocks to prevent the damages which may occur in the building structure due to expansions, contraction or ground settlements. The gaps between those blocks are called Expansion Joint. At the floors and walls of broad-based buildings like - shopping malls, hotels, business centers, factories, stadiums, hypermarkets depending on the type of the soil and weight of the building expansion joints must be kept every 20 -30 meters. Expansion joints must be kept between the high and low blocks at very high buildings. Without the use of expansion joint cracks on the floors, walls & ceilings, deformation in the profile, insulation problems, and damages at fixation points will occur. Resolving those damages and applying the right profile will be an additional waste of time and money.

Stair Case Nosing

It is important to consider two important factors while finishing a staircase with ceramic or other flooring materials which are safety and appearance. By using the proper profile both these requirements can be satisfied. Profiles with anti-slip rubber strips or tread grooves provide a higher safety feature. The use of a star nosing allows the choice of a wide range of floor coverings. Stair nosings prevent wearing and slipping at treads of stairs and give a decorative aspect. They are ideal for places with heavy pedestrian traffic such as; shopping malls, schools, hospitals, public buildings, etc. They can be used with anti-slip strips or tapes.

Tile Trims

Tile Trim edging profiles are designed to protect the exposed tile edge at corners of tile installations and provide an attractive, neat finish. Tile Trim edging profiles are designed to be used on walls, floors, and joints between two tiled surfaces, and are fixed by means of a leg that goes behind the edge of the tile to be protected and are fixed in place with the same tile adhesive used to fix the tiles. This helps to prevent the tiles from cracking due to impacts or other means by providing a strong and durable connection.