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Ceiling Speaker - Bathroom, Ceiling, In-Wall Audio Solutions

Ceiling Speakers are long-term audio solutions that will provide you with room-filling sound for decades to come. That’s why it’s so important your speaker choice is carefully aligned to how much sound quality you want to get from the speaker in that specific room.

Is it for ambient music or do you want to be able to throw the odd party on occasion? Or is it somewhere in between?

The general rule is that the rooms where the most time is spent should have more powerful models. Other areas that would primarily serve as background music would suffice with either smaller or less costly models. As a result of this, it is likely your ceiling speakers will vary in size, shape, power, and cost for each room. All ceiling speakers need to be powered by an external amplifier which is connected to each ceiling speaker using speaker cable.

In-ceiling speakers are for those who are looking for the most discreet audio install possible. Ceiling speakers are cut and mounted into the ceiling above the room. The quality of in-ceiling speakers can range from background listening options to full audiophile level speakers.

The bathroom is an ideal place to install ceiling speakers because in-room speakers are almost never an option in this environment. Whether you like to listen to the news in the shower or to relax in a deep batch with your latest podcast or playlist there are plenty of solutions available. Ceiling speakers for bathrooms need to be resilient to high levels of moisture and humidity and they are certified to be used in this environment.

Ceiling speakers are an excellent solution for having audio in the bathroom as this room is not typically suitable to place a conventional box-type speaker. These speakers are ideal if you want to listen to your favorite radio station while brushing your teeth in the morning or relax and enjoy a podcast while having a bath.

Bathroom ceiling speakers have two types available in the market, one is the active speaker which comes with a built-in amplifier and works great as a single zone solution. They just need to be connected to a mains power supply and can be controlled from any device via WiFi or Bluetooth. We have a bunch of cost-effective options if you are looking to install ceiling speakers in your bathroom

In the case of passive speakers, they require an external amplifier to power them over speaker cable. It is the best option as part of a whole-house audio system and amplifiers. Passive speakers are also often able to offer a better level of performance.

We have Ceiling speakers PA/BGM specially designed for use in high humid areas.

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