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Ceiling Speaker Audio Solutions

Ceiling Speakers are designed for overhead audio speaker applications for music and voice in small and large classrooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms. Each speaker has been designed to meet the needs of specific business technology solution requirements.

There are two types of speaker, one is a two-way speaker and the other is N-way speaker where each speaker box may have 2 or more drivers working together. Each driver is assigned a specific range of frequencies to reproduce, thus making a speaker with each driver doing a better job on a smaller range of frequencies. This is considered to produce better sound with more power handling capability, in actuality sometimes a multiple of identical drivers is used to balance a particular range. The “N” is based on the number of driver types, not the total of the drivers.

Ceiling speakers are designed to be permanent audio solutions that will provide you with excellent, aesthetically pleasing sound for many years to come. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. Do you want music in your kitchen without a speaker taking up counter space? How about a surround system without bulky speakers in the living room? Ceiling speakers are the best solution for multi-room music systems.

The main thing which one needs to consider while buying ceiling speakers is how many speakers does each room need for good sound and it depends on the room’s size and how it’s being used. As an example of a dining room, one or two ceiling speakers may provide good background music. For throwing a party, one might need around five or six speakers to get the volume high. The other important factor which needs to be considered is the placement of the speaker. If you want your music system to deliver even coverage throughout your room, you need to carefully plan to get the best results.

Ceiling speaker features

Direct your high frequencies

Our speakers comes with a tweeter which can be rotated, so instead of sound going in one fixed direction, it can be directed towards the listener for better performance

Stereo sound from a single speaker

Situations may arrive when users may need music overhead but the space they have is for one speaker. In cases like that stereo, input speakers can come handy which plays both left and right channels of music in a single location. They are a great way to add music to small spaces.