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IPS Modulating / Non Modulating Float Valves Irrigation Pumping Station
Modulating Float Valve

The Float Valves modulates to maintain a constant liquid level in a storage tank by compensating for variations in demand or supply. It can be installed for controlling the flow into or out of the tank by either closing on a rising level or opening on a rising level. This valve is operated hydraulically, a pilot-controlled diaphragm valve. The pilot control comprises an integral variable orifice in the main valve cover along with a remotely mounted float control. The float control gets moved by a slight change on the liquid level. This action varies the pressure in the valve cover and causes the main valve to find a new position. The integral variable orifice can automatically regulate the flow into the cover chamber until the valve can reach a position that is in direct relation to the position of the float control. This action can vary the pressure in the valve cover and cause the main valve to find a new position. The integral variable orifice can regulate the flow into the cover chamber automatically until the valve reaches a position that is in direct contact with the position of the float control.

Non-Modulating Float Valves

Non-Modulating Float Valves are dependent on the 206-PG or 106-PG main valve. It is ideal to allow normal forward flow for filling water reservoirs to a desired high level and in cases where the valve and the pilot of the reservoirs are accessible easily. The valve can work as a two-position valve either in a closed or open position. The valve will remain closed when the reservoir level drops unless the float can reach the pre-determined adjustable minimum reservoir level. The valve then will get opened for refilling the reservoir and tightly closes when a high-water level is achieved. These valves are used mainly in buildings having installations or reservoir tanks in which the pilot and the valve are easily accessible. The on/off service can ensure that the contents of the reservoir are cycled. It will also prevent over cycling of the supply pumps as the minimum quantity per cycle is adjustable.

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106 / 206-A-Type 1 Two-Way Flow Altitude Control Valve

  • No overflows
  • Superior repeatability
  • Positive shut-off
  • Easily serviceable at ground level


1.Main Valve

A. The main valve shall be a Singer specify main valve model number (106/S106/206/S206)-PG single chamber, diaphragm actuated specify (full/reduced) port model.

B. Main valves, 6” (150mm) and larger, shall provide smooth frictionless motion to ensure a low flow stability to specify minimum USGPM or L/s, achieved using SRD-Single Rolling Diaphragm technology.

2. Pilot Controls

A. The 3-way altitude control pilot shall be a Singerspecify 301-4 or 301-5, with a spring to adjust the reservoir maximum level setting. The altitude pilot body shall be serviceable without removing the pilot from the valve.