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IPS Pressure Reducing Valves Irrigation Pumping Station

The design of the Pressure Reducing Valves has been made for reducing the incoming water or steam pressure for a safer constant predetermined downstream level. Depending on the type of valve, the downstream pressure has been established by a pressure adjustment setting on the valve or by an external sensor. These valves are used in commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional applications.

Main components of a pressure reducing valve:

The pressure reducing valve has a lot of elements for assisting with optimal function. These are the Valve body, Pilot regulator, and Large control filter.

Functions of a Pressure Reducing Valve

These valves have been designed to withstand even the toughest environments and are operated hydraulically. They are actuated by diaphragm control valves which reduces the higher upstream pressure for lowering the constant downstream pressure without any regards for the fluctuating demand or the varying upstream force. The valve maintains a steady state of pressure downstream, heedless of flow.


  • Ideal for applications where failure is not an option
  • Includes a back-up system to protect against diaphragm or pilot failure
  • Reduces unnecessary maintenance
  • Provides downstream surge protection


1. Quality Assurance

A. The control valve shall be tested prior to shipment. The standard test shall include a functional stroke, pressure and leak test of valve body, seat, fitted pilots and accessories.

B. The control valve shall be covered by a minimum three (3) year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring shall be covered by a lifetime guarantee.

2. Main Valve

A. The main valve shall be a Singer specify main valve model number(106/S106/206/S206)-PG single chamber, diaphragm actuated specify (full/reduced) port model.

B. Main valves, 6” (150mm) and larger, shall provide smooth frictionless motion to ensure a low flow stability to specify minimum USGPM or L/s, achieved using SRD-Single Rolling Diaphragm technology.

3. Pilot Controls

A. The bypass direct acting pressure reducing pilot valve shall be a Singer Model J0196A with a spring to adjust the pressure setting. The Model J0196A shall be supplied with a spring range of specify range (30 to 145psior 10-35psi). The pilot shall be factory preset at specify setpoint