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GR50 & 30 - Receivers Surveying Solutions

The GR50 and GR30 reference servers are primed for the constantly changing requirements of GNSS technology. Regardless of the application, rest assured all GNSS permanent and semi-permanent network installations are receiving and delivering highly accurate and reliable data 24/7 for many years to come. The GR50 and GR30 reference servers offer more than just a standard reference station receiver.

GNSS performance for today and tomorrow: For any application, meeting the highest requirements and working in the toughest environment. Designed with performance and the future in mind, the GR50 and GR30 feature the ultimate GNSS engine with 555 channels supporting all global GNSS constellations, such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, as well as regional systems, such as QZSS and SBAS. Innovative SmartTrack+ technology ensures superior quality data even under harshest conditions.


  • Smart and Reliable

    The GR50 and GR30 support applications like RTK, static networks, single base stations, field campaigns, structural monitoring, atmospheric and seismic studies and offshore positioning. Reference servers are engineered for reliable operation with simultaneous and multiple interfaces for communication, power supply and data logging. The smart design of the on-board software RefWorx featuring optional apps as well as modular hardware offer highest versatility.

  • Site Monitor and VADASE

    Detailed information about movements of man-made and natural structures as well as real-time positioning solutions are provided to scientists, researchers and engineers.

  • Complete, easy control and secure

    Thanks to the comprehensive and user-friendly RefWorx web interface, both GNSS network beginners and highly experienced professionals have complete and easy control. Maximum benefit with minimum effort is achieved through wizard-style guidance configuration, automated firmware updates, plug-and-play connectivity, automated email notification or support of Simple Network Messaging Protocol (SNMP). Advanced user access management together with HTTPs and SSL encryption and integrated firewall provide a high level of security.