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Watts Solar Thermostatic Mixing Valve - MMV SOLAR (MMV-S) Plumbing Products

The MMV-S Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a specially designed device for systems that operates on high flow rates. It enables the system to run expertly and uninterruptedly at high solar water temperatures. With its wax technology element, this valve can run on temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius.

It is the perfect solution to be used in solar energy systems for domestic hot water production. Since the temperature of the water present in the storage tank can vary considerably in these systems, due to the season and the solar radiation degree, the temperatures can reach up to a very high temperatures over long period. The use of Thermostatic Mixing Valve Solar MMV-S allows hot water to be manageable and ideal for use in domestic purposes.

    Key Features
  • Easy installation
  • Handwheel with set positions (graduated scale Min to Max – 5 setting positions)
  • Unparalleled stability of the mixed water temperature
  • Simple and robust construction ensuring safety, longevity and reliability
  • Built-in safety device in case of cold or hot water interruption (mixing valve cut-off with residual flow)
  • Corrosion resistant DZR brass body
  • Installation can be done in any position
  • Designed with PTFE inner coating for preventing scale build-up
  • Self-colour or Nickel-plated finish
  • Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS)

For optimized maintenance of the valve’s performance, a filter must be installed in the upstream of the main water supply. The valve is supplied factory pre-set at 50 degrees Celsius. However, the installation conditions shall be dominant and that the product be adjusted on-site. With both cold and hot water supplies fully turned on and the terminal fitting set to open, make sure to adjust the temperature to the needed setting.

We at Dutco Tennant LLC supply high-performance plumbing products in Dubai and GCC regions. Our Thermostatic Mixing Valve Solar MMV-S is one of the top-rated products that aims to meet the demands of plumbing needs.