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3D X-Ray Baggage Scanner 6040VI-3D Scanners & Detectors

XIS 6040VI-3D is the latest machine from Astrophysics. XIS 6040VI-3D comes with tunnel opening 60 cm x 42 cm (W x H) and Single X-Ray Source of Powerful 180 KV generator. This machine has three detector arrays (-18, 0, 18 degrees from vertical) which can configurable three view system to get 3 images with one scan. Also XIS 6040VI-3D has “Rocking” display mode cycles 3 views Provides orthogonal and oblique views simultaneously. It has Pole mounted 24 “monitor and control panel (Configurable and Adjustable) with Stainless steel accents.

This unit has small footprint which will fit through standard doors
Moreover, XIS 6040VI-3D is Mobile and user friendly machine