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To accompany X-ray systems, we also offer walk-through and handheld metal detectors, from Astrophysics Inc. For increasing the security and safety of the surroundings, handheld and walk-through metal detectors are used. These modern-day metal detectors are used today to not just protect airports but are also used in theatres, office buildings, and other important places. This type of multi-zone detectors has been designed for keeping you safe from all types of threats of metal weapons. The metal detectors can work by creating a short pulse induction magnetic field over the opening. When via the detector, the metal object passes, then it can create an echo pulse which the electronic circuits can detect.

The newest range of handheld metal detectors and walk-through metal detectors comprise various detection zones that allow you to identify the location of the metal object. For instance, a single zone walk-through metal detector can only indicate which metal was detected. If the metal is on the left or right side can be indicated by a two-zone detector. The advanced Security X-Ray Machines can find out the location with more accuracy. For instance, it can also determine if there is any gun located at the belt or ankle.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

They detect metallic objects on people passing through the detector. They can be found with various numbers of detection zones, like 2, 12, or 33 zones. When the number of detection zones gets higher, the more accurate will be the determination of the location of the metallic object on the person which will ultimately save time for the operator.

In any application for an airport having a high throughput of passengers, it gets extremely important that the detector can quickly process the passengers while offering a highly accurate location of metallic items present on a person. Normally the 18 or 33 zone detectors are deployed in this type of application and other types of locations in which high throughput of people is required. The level of detection sensitivity can be adjusted to meet varying threats. We recommend that a Walk Through Metal Detector Test Kit be purchased to regularly check that the detector is set up and functioning correctly.

Hand Held Metal Detectors

They are normally associated with the security searches we encounter at airports. Hand-Held Metal Detectors are used by Police Security and Military officers for searching metallic items from a person in a non-invasive manner.

Whenever a metallic item gets detected, normally an indication is given by a sound; most of the detectors operate in a mode that is silent and vibrating. Several types of Hand Held Metal Detectors can be found for meeting the various types of threats having varied levels of detection sensitivities.

Product Type:

  • WT 2000
  • Super Scanner

Walk Through:

The primary features of this device lie high discrimination level and complete throughput with accurate metals detection and complete compliance with the newest standards of security along with advanced immunity towards interferences of the external which are among the primary features of this new device. It can offer around 60 pinpointing zones having accurate precision and resolution. Astrophysics can also provide you with various other Walk-Through models which depend on the requirements.

Hand Held:

These devices are robust and have an ergonomic and compact design that can be used for both outdoor and indoor operations. This is entirely digital and this design when combined with a specially printed antenna guarantees a consistent performance having extremely high reliability and calibration-free operations. Several other Hand-Held models, depending on your requirements are also offered by Astrophysics Inc.

If you are looking for x ray security scanners for your projects in the Middle East, get them from Dutco Tennant LLC. We are supplying superficial solutions to the region for more than 20 years from Astrophysics Inc.

CEIA/GARRETT WALK THROUGH & Hand Held Metal Detectors

CEIA/GARRETT WALK THROUGH & Hand Held Metal Detectors