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X-Ray Check Point Scanners are portal X-Ray Inspection Systems that have been designed to scan loaded vehicles like trucks, containers, air cargo and large-scale cargo. A dual-energy technology for discrimination of material on their atomic number is applied for this system. A non-destructive inspection of containers and cargo transport vehicles is allowed by this system and this also helps to identify the smuggling and cargo in-vehicle compartment and hidden behind the cushioning and floor without requiring to remove them.

The Check Point car diagnostic scanner decreases the time of inspection for the vehicle and the cargo which is transported by applying the penetrating X-ray along with material discrimination technology that ensures the identification of non-organic and organic metals and materials. It is made possible by the Vehicle Scanner inspection system for the detection of various contraband and dangerous items which are hidden inside the loaded trucks and the materials and items which are present inside the containers with liquids. This is undoubtedly the best tool to prevent hidden illegal trafficking of humans and migration which lowers the risk of terror attacks.

By X-raying the inspected moving vehicle when it is being driven by the driver via the scanning portal which is installed stationary, the scanning of the loaded trucks and cargo is performed by the screening system of the car. The detection of the X-ray via the X-ray-sensitive element makes sure about the capacity of high inspection. The driver does not get exposed to the X-ray when the cargo is being inspected so the man will be staying inside the cabin. By using innovative low-dose technology for the inspection with the means of the Vehicle Scanners developed by Astrophysics Inc to screen the vehicles. Also with the driver inside the cabin, it can also be scanned.

Vehicle Scanner- Car & Truck Scanners have been designed specially to be used at checkpoints at the airports, seaports, vehicle checkpoints, border crossings, warehouse for temporary storage, and other types of objects in places where it is important to have an inspection of the cargo transport vehicle and cargo for the security or custom purposes.

Intended Use –

Best in class high energy low-dose X-ray scanners with portal-shaped detection systems mainly developed to inspect the loaded vehicles by using an innovative “drive-thru” technology.

These are developed to inspect vehicles and containers to identify the cargo compliance to the document transportation and to detect the drugs, contrabands, weapons and other types of dangerous objects.

The X-ray Inspection Systems have been designed for operating at traffic control points, seaports, customs, warehouses, and others where it is required to have complete cargo control. We offer vehicle scanning solutions; HXC 320 & HXP 720. The High Energy X-ray car scanner and the Portal Scanner have the least cost of ownership, easy maintenance, and highest throughput among several other major benefits.

Truck Scanners

All over the world, everyday goods are exported and imported. For protecting our airports, ports, and border checkpoints from threats, government facilities are required to quickly be able to search through containers and trucks without delaying the commerce.
We are dedicated to helping agencies like customs, border patrol, and police, for detecting weapons, contraband, fraudulent trade items, explosives, and other types of security threats. We have HXP truck scanners which are used for inspecting containers, trucks, and vehicles for these threats along with verifications of manifests. Having a very easy process of drive-through, high throughput along with the automated operation, the requirement of manual inspection gets reduced and cargo inspection locations having high-volume cannot get set back

Drivers are allowed to remain safely in the cabin of their truck by the HXP is the process of scanning will not start until the driver has passed the point from where the X-ray has emitted. Speed and simplicity are offered by the automated scanning procedure which allows the staff to focus on other important tasks which increases productivity.

Car Scanner

Design of the Vehicle Scanners is done specifically for scanning motor vehicles and cars having a height of 2.7 meters with a width of 2.6 meters. They are used to scan the vehicles for identifying hidden contrabands like explosives, smugglers goods, weapons, and narcotics. The car diagnostic scanners have an X-ray generator which helps the car to operate as a drive-through portal without the requirement of unloading the passengers and drivers. It is very easy to process, has automated operation along with high throughput for reducing the requirements of manual inspection. Lower delays and backlogs will be experienced by the locations having a high volume of traffic.

The Vehicle Scanner and Truck Scanners are highly customizable and efficient for protecting and inspecting the locations of the critical infrastructure like military checkpoints, government facilities, land and sea borders, and sporting events. Various options can be found like an in-ground installation that takes out the requirement for a conveyor and ramp for vehicles that are unmanned if it is preferred to have a pull-through operation.

Product Type

  • HXC-320
  • HXP Portal
Car and Passenger Minibus X-Ray Inspection System HXC-320

Car and Passenger Minibus X-Ray Inspection System HXC-320

X-Ray Inspection System for Trucks HXP Portal

X-Ray Inspection System for Trucks HXP Portal