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Ductile Iron Flanged – Double Check Valve Plumbing Products

Ductile iron flanged - double check valves work as backflow preventers which helps for preventing the backflow of non-health hazard fire protection system substances from getting siphoned or pumped into the potable water supply. This uses a meter for detecting the leaks of ground along with unauthorized illegals taps which hugely reduces the expenses of yearly water consumption. The compact epoxy coated cast iron unibody with module check design helps in simplifying and making the maintenance and installation easy.

The mechanical devices check valves allows the gases and liquids to flow only in one direction which prevents the flow from getting reversed. They are termed as one-way directional valves which means that they are having two openings on the body one for the fluid to get into and the other for that fluid to get out. The flow of fluid towards the desired direction opens the valve while the backflow forces it to close down. The mechanism of the check valves is simple and they automatically work for stopping the fluid from flowing in the wrong direction. We can deliver a wide range of functionality types, configurations, construction materials and sizes for commercial, residential, utilities and process industries. These valves are having a cracking design pressure that is the minimum pressure upstream which is needed for operating or opening. Our supplied valves are suited for all types of plumbing requirements. They are designed with conventionally less than 1 PSU of cracking pressure for operation but we can offer a wide range of cracking pressures that can be made on request.

Features –

  • Can operate in any position
  • There is the lowest head loss
  • Reliable sealing, compact and silent
  • Exceptional robustness
  • Do not generate hammering
  • Flat seal guarantees sealing
  • Return spring
  • Long axial back guiding closing system for reduced displacement

Dutco Tennant LLC can put an end to all your diverse needs of ductile iron flanged - double check valves which are manufactured using the most advanced technologies for offering the most reliable performance.


  • Flange mounting PN16 only (EN 1092-2)
  • Epoxy coat finish
  • Operates in any position
  • WRAS Approved as a non-return valve

Technical Data

Maximum Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature 0°C to +23°C