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One amongst our famed offerings is the PVC Wall protection system which reduces accident risks, stops damages and helps to reduce maintenance and mending costs of properties. These systems have been designed with long-lasting PVC covers attached to the aluminum retainer and apart from providing protection features adds a decorative aspect to the place. These corner protectors, wall protectors, and wall corner guards are available with different color combinations. All products have been certificated for being fire and impact resistant, & antibacterial. Handrails are used to help old and suffering people walk easily while protecting the walls. Our major products in PVC wall protection & wall protection guard are the following.

We have brought in an amazing range of exciting new collection of PVC-u and aluminum wall protection profiles which together forms one of the best extensive interior protection packages available in the market. Having decades of experience, we have achieved the experience, knowledge and expertise for manufacturing and supplying completely fit wall protection systems for creating a new range of products which has been designed by keeping in mind the demands of the market. In our range, you can find wall guards, dual rail, corners guards and bed protectors along with a modern range of protective sheet options. The products are having modular designs and they are developed for absorbing and deflecting the impact which offers functional and durable solutions. The PVC wall panels are through-colored and textured for concealing the effects of the impact damage and abrasion. They are available in a wide range of colors that offers aesthetic solutions for most of the requirements of interior designs. All our supplied units of PVC wall protection systems have been tested independently for resistance to impact, fire performance and resistance towards chemical, fungal and bacterial attacks.

Different Types of PVC Wall Protection System:

PVC Wall Protection System protects your walls from damages, scratches, and rubs. These systems have been designed with durable PVC corner protectors attached to the aluminum retainer and apart from protecting add a decorative characteristic to walls. Incorporating wall protection products is a key design factor, ensuring the longevity of a building’s interior whilst helping to reduce maintenance costs and the need for repairs and redecoration. Dutco Tennant LLC has been supplying and installing wall protection systems to the Middle East and GCC region for over four decades and we provide one of the most extensive wall protection systems available today.

PVC Corner Guard cover is used to protect the wall corners from further damage. These PVC Corner protection systems are used to minimize accident risks, stop damages and reduce preservation and revamping costs of the properties.

PVC Handrails PVC Handrails & Crash Rail have been designed to safeguard the risky walls and give it a good appearance. These rubber wall guard systems are mainly used to help old and sick people walk easily, and protect the walls as well.

Our products are available in a wide range of color and design options and have been developed to complement the existing ranges of rubber, stainless steel and timber profiles to provide a comprehensive package of products that work together to offer a complete range of protection solutions. All our wall protection profiles have been designed to protect surfaces such as walls, corners, and doors and provide an essential barrier against damage caused by the general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a renowned PVC wall protection supplier in the Middle East and Gulf region. We have been in this business for the last forty years and have served a number of clients for different projects in & around Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and other GCC countries.

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