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PVC Corner Guard Finishing Products

PVC Corner Guard cover is used for the corners of walls to provide protection for walls from further damage. PVC wall protection systems minimize the accident risk, prevent damages and help to reduce maintenance and repair costs of the Facilities. Corner guards are suitable for use in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, schools, etc. The corners are one of the most vulnerable areas of any building. The corners which are damaged can attract bacteria and dirt and are tough to clean. With the corner protectors, a highly inexpensive and effective way can be obtained for protecting the vulnerable corners from getting damages and preventing any further damage. We supply PVC corner guards which can be designed for protecting the walls from getting wear and tear. The corners guards are mostly made up of high-class impact modified PVC. These units can protect the wall, offer them an elegant look and make the installation much stable and easy. There are options with fire resistance and anti-erosion along with antibacterial for protecting the corners from all types of impacts. The PVC wall corner guards lead the industry in a complete range of applications having suitable options for protecting all types of facilities and applications. They are ideally suited to reduce the maintenance costs and maintaining the appearance of the interior in several environments which range from healthcare, education, municipal, hotels, commercial kitchens and shower areas. These corner guards have been made with high-impact PVC which comes with attractive textures finish having double-sided tape attached for making the installation process easy. These guards work as an angle that can cover the corners of any building, curb or wall or also a post that can get damaged by or can cause damage to vehicles, shopping trolleys, hospital beds, forklifts or industrial trolleys. They are used mainly in areas of high traffic like shopping centers, car parks, factories and hospitals. The process of installation is extremely simple which can be done with the help of drilling as you want for nailing or screwing them over the surface. Epoxy or construction adhesive can be used too for securing all the options of corner guards. The area safe products offer customization of the range of the guards to perfectly protect them from all types of hazards.

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