Your house will not have the desired aesthetic without good enough finishing details no matter how beautifully you have decorated and managed the interior and designed the wall and floor coverings. If the wall and floor corners are not well protected, when introduced to impact, they may get shattered and scratched. The best remedy for interior decorators and architects to take care of all those problems, is architectural finishing profiles. With us, you will get to have profiles that have been designed for clearing up all the architectural details and offer an artistic aspect at the edges and junctions of vinyl, carpet, marble, ceramic, granite, and at the transitions with the difference in altitude.

What are the several types of Finishing Profiles?

Finishing Profiles are available in several options.

Threshold Profiles

Manufactured from PVC or Aluminum, Threshold profiles fill the gap between vinyl, carpets, and parquet flooring. It is also available in a thicker coating too. For parquet applications, laminated profiles with several wood designs are also available. The standard color for our supplied range of PVC finishing profiles is beige, gray, or white.


For providing an attractive finish, skirting can also be used on the sides of the wall. It is used at the junction of the wall and floor for protecting the pant and the wail from the crashing of feet and other effects. The accumulation of dirt in the corner is prevented by the skirting profile. Two-piece skirting acts as a cable conduit too. Our offer range includes PVC, MDF, and aluminum profiles which can be ideally used for any type of flooring like parquet, vinyl, raised access floor, ceramic tiles, and others. We can also get you a thicker coating upon your request. Laminated finishing profiles that have several wood designs are also available for parquet applications. The standard color for our supplied PVC profiles is creme, white, gray, or beige.

Stair Nosing Profiles

These types of profiles are used for defining, making, and protecting the laying of steps in marble, stone, ceramic, etc. Safety on steps is improved by it and it also protects the edges of the stairs from getting chipped and cracked and offers aesthetically pleasing finishing profile.

Movement Control Profiles

In several materials like stainless, aluminum, brass, steel, and PVC, it is available. It can be used in large buildings in between the control profile tiles for adjusting the contraction and expansion of the tiles for several external forces. As per the requirement, the sizes are custom made. These profiles ideally prevent the formation of cracks, protect the tile edges and absorbs the transmission of found and any vibration on the floor, it also balances the compressive stress.

Level Difference Profiles

Being available in several heights, they are highly suitable for use in different profile materials such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. For compensating the floor height difference that is caused by the use of two different finishing profiles, it is used. It prevents slipping of the leg while walking.

Ceramic Edge Profiles / Tile Trims

It offers a high-quality finish to the edges and offers a stylish outlook. It is often used at the junction of tile or tile to non-tile covered surfaces. It also offers protection to the external corners and ensures a smooth finish. Tile trims are ideal to help to form a joint gap between the trim and the tile.

Anti-slip Profiles

Anti-slip profiles are used at the places having the risk of slipping. With Anti-slip tapes, which can be used either by itself or by adhering to the aluminum finishing profiles. They offer safety and long-lasting performance and offer to stand out of the accident prevention measure.

Apart from all of these, there are also some other variants available like Carpet Profiles, Parquet Edge Profiles, Corner Guard Profiles, Border Line Profiles, and Internal Angle Profiles.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent provider of finishing profiles in the Gulf and Middle East region. We have worked with a number of clients in the GCC region to provide high end finishing profiles for a number of projects in this region. For all your requirements, please get in touch with us .