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Ball valves are designed to fully open or fully close the passage for a fluid in a piping system. They are essential in power engineering, water-supply engineering, paper industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, and even in cryogenic applications.

Some designs of our ball valves enable the use of valves for short-time throttling. However, if the service fluid contains mechanical impurities, the process of throttling in combination can lead to a loss of tightness of the valve obturator.

The design pressure ranges from 0 to the specified pressure class (Class, PN) for the relevant body material and sealing elements used. The valve body is made of forgings and consists of two or three pieces. The body parts are connected in a dismantlable way by means of bolted joints to make a Split Body (SB), in an indivisible way by means of welded joints to make a fully welded body (FW), or in a dismantlable way by means of threaded joints.

The body construction, combined with non-destructive tests and examinations of the body parts, guarantees constant external tightness of the valve body. There are two types of seat construction: Soft-seated seats and Metal-to-metal seats.

Soft-seated seats are made of PTFE, PEEK, NYLON, etc. They are suitable for gases and liquids with very low content of mechanical impurities.

Metal-to-metal seats have seating surfaces covered with tungsten carbide with a thickness of 0.15-0.20 mm. Then, the seats are lapped together with the ball to achieve metallic tightness and marked jointly. Tightness between the seat and the body cap is provided by an O-ring (up to 220°C maximum) or a graphite packing (up to 400°C maximum). This type of seat is suitable for all service fluids containing mechanical impurities.

Choose from our range of ball valves to find the perfect one for your specific application. Our ball valves provide excellent durability, dependability, and tightness in any system.