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Brinell Metallography Lab Equipment


The Brinell is a sturdy hardness tester for the higher load Brinell scales. Designed with a rugged construction to withstand the harshest environments, this reliable tester offers a high-rigidity and closed-loop load cell technology for accurate and safe load applications. Key features include a clamping device for securing parts to the exchangeable anvil, an easy-to-use user interface to set up and operate the tester, a built-in keypad calculator that accurately presents HB hardness values, and an LCD screen.

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  • Heavy duty clamping and protection.
  • Closed-loop system for quick and highly accurate test results.
  • Wide load range.
  • Integrated hardness calculator and conversions.
  • Hardness from castings and forgings
  • For flat and cylindrical work pieces
  • Wide application within the automotive industry
  • Heavy workshop testing
  • Sample testing or quality control testing
  • Various types of steels
  • (Cast) Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals