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Universal Metallography Lab Equipment

The Universal Hardness Tester contains all standard hardness testing methods between 9.81 - 2452N. The system is designed with high-quality mechanical components with closed-loop technology and versatile Windows evaluation software WIN-Control. The integrated camera with zoom module allows for a fast, accurate, and user independent Vickers or Brinell measurement.


  • Focus on a fast and simple operation to satisfy the needs of inexperienced operators, while maintaining the flexibility and complexity of features required by expert users.
  • Fully automatic evaluation of the indent.
  • Integrated camera with Zoom module allows a fast, accurate and user independent Vickers or Brinell measurement.
  • Special closed-loop system for quick and highly accurate test results.
  • High clamping force system for safe testing of both small and very large parts.


  • Hardness from castings and forgings
  • For flat and cylindrical work pieces
  • Wide application within the automotive and aerospace industry
  • Laboratory and workshop testing
  • Sample testing or quality control testing
  • Steels, non-ferrous metals
  • Cemented carbide, ceramics, stainless steels