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Vickers Metallography Lab Equipment

Vickers hardness tester comprises of a unique load range, combined in one machine. The automatic load selection eliminates the need for a hard to operate manual selector knob, and opens new possibilities in (semi-) automation applications. Together with the adjustable pan and tilt user interface panel, the automatic load selection capabilities form the center of an ergonomic system. The multi-scale conversion, shape correction and USB data export make hardness testing easier, helping you focus on process control.


  • The manual load selector knob is replaced with a durable motor to change the loads automatically.
  • The fast & quiet motorized turret is integrated as part of completely automatic test cycle. One push off the start button is all it takes.
  • Designed for Vickers testing conform international standards ISO 6507 and ASTM E384.
  • A wide load range, divided into 10 individual load steps.
  • Load selection is controlled through the touch screen interface, eliminating the need for the user to make a manual selection. This allows for improved ergonomics and helps to prevent user error.