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Activated carbon air filter scrubber Odor Control Units (OCU)


Ideal when concentrations are low, and the air volume is relatively large, using activated carbon. Used for removing H2S from sewer gases, odour control, solvent recovery, air purification and as final stage after a wet scrubber or biological scrubber.
Different grades of carbon from different manufacturers are available depending on the application. Our carbon suppliers provide comprehensive technical data and advice on the correct selection of carbon.
Carbon impregnated with caustic compounds can be used to improve removal efficiencies for compounds such as hydrogen sulphide.
Inbuilt fans complete with acoustic attenuation available.
Pilot trial or hire units available on request
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Design flexibility allows for units to be upflow, downflow or crossflow depending on the project requirements. Some designs use a downflow and upflow bed within the same shell to minimise floor space.