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Biological Scrubbers for Wastewater Odor Control Units (OCU)


Designed for high treatment efficiency, maximum corrosion resistance. Biological scrubbing action minimises chemical consumption and offers low ongoing operational cost. The biological scrubbers are built to designs by Marc Deshusses, Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, USA. Marc Deshusses is a leading international researcher in biological techniques for air pollution control.
Uses of Biological Scrubbers
•Wastewater treatment plants for hydrogen sulphide and odour control
•Pumping stations for odour control
•Rendering plants for odour control
•Pulp & Paper plants for odour control
•VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
•Food processing plants for odour control
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•Lower operating costs
•Compact footprint
•No hidden operating costs
•Corrosion resistant construction
•Lower scrubber shell serves as integral sump for recirculating liquid supply
•Standard accessories including access doors, spray headers, piping connections, nozzles, internal structure supports, packing plates and hold-down lugs.
•Circulation pump can be mounted on side of scrubber to minimise footprint
•Nutrient dosing & storage componentry are optionally included
•No complex controlling instrumentation. ph monitored only.