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Chemical Filters/Scrubbers for Wastewater Odor Control Units (OCU)


Wet packed scrubbers for the removal of corrosive, noxious and odourous gases from airstreams. Designed for high collection efficiency, maximum corrosion resistance. Scrubber design is characterized by low liquid irrigation rates, high volume air flow and low pressure drop.
Traditional vertical countercurrent scrubbers offer the best mass transfer capabilities with the smallest footprint. The scrubbing liquid is irrigated at the top of the scrubber, and cascades down through the packing countercurrent to the gases. A scrubber sump is incorporated into the bottom of the vessel.
Horizontal crossflow scrubbers can offer advantages in some plant layouts by minimising ducting requirements. They are ideal when there are two separate scrubbing vessels with different chemicals; the two beds are incorporated into the same housing but are separated internally.
Wet packed scrubbers are usually packed with Tellerette tower packing for best efficiency. Wet packed scrubbers are manufactured under licence to Verantis of the USA.
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