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Our SEM Detectors system function under the powerful software platform providing easy to use, yet supple image gaining controls, brilliant signal-to-noise pulling out techniques, and choice for concurrent acquisitions from multiple channels. These equipment can connect to nearly all SEM and STEM systems and provides a common interface.

You can optimize the image to go with the experiment — and don’t compromise quality when doing flexible scan and digitization. The devices are made to produce high speed and low noise imaging utilizing differential analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog converter. They are equipped with concurrent numerous signal acquisition and exclusive contrast modes. One can do multiple analog and pulse inputs simultaneously. Digitization is achievable at 1, 2, or 4 bytes per pixel.

We introduce advance SEM detector, the new benchmark for backscattered electron (BSE) detection. It delivers unparalleled sensitivity and pace to gain full understanding of nonconductive samples; such as polymers, plastics, and biological materials. Being optimized for low kV functions, this system expands your ability to learn biological samples, low atomic number (Z) metals, and big 3D datasets.

Primary Advantages of SEM Detectors are:

  • Rectify features made indistinct by charging or beam damage: Make images at low kV to lessen charge build-up and to stop damage to delicate samples.
  • Produce big, 3D datasets fast: large size images or 3D datasets up to six times quicker.
  • Differentiates low-Z elements: Produces the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to distinguish between elements with a similar atomic number.
  • Provides good BSE collection competence: makes higher SNR images as it captures electrons other detectors may miss as well as reduces the noise in the detection system.
  • Gives peak performance within minutes: You can maintain your analytical solution system at the highest performance level without servicing.
Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, EDS with SEM

Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, EDS with SEM