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Drainage Cell Suppliers

We provide advanced drainage systems invented and developed for serving the Emirates. These drainage cells have been developed to assist adding rooftop gardens and planter boxes to buildings without using heavy materials as drainage systems which can place a severe load on the structural design of the building. These products provide highly efficient drainage and lightweight features that is so successful that they have become a landscaping industry’s standard.

Our drainage solutions have versatile features which make them suitable for use in different applications including the drainage of sports fields and other civil applications. These products augment the ground areas permeability which decreases overland flow and makes groundwater recharge easy.

Drainage systems create a stable, non-clogging void between the concrete surface and the soil profile which doesn’t fall down or deform. The void permits a smooth flow of water to selected outlets doing away the rainwater drainage clogging risk and penetration. The big surface and the gap enable better drainage effectiveness in comparison to the small spaces in a gravel system. Another important feature of this system is its light weightiness which reduces weight on the structure by a large amount making it the best choice for roof gardens, planter boxes and landscaped podiums.

These drainage cell panels also allow a big reduction in the drainage medium height making way for greater soil depth and scope for plantings. The reliable, compressive strength of drainage cells permits them to be delivered directly at the project site.

The advantages of using our products:

  • The perfect drainage capability drains excess water at the optimum rate while retaining the most favourable moisture level. This promotes plant growth in the planter box and roof garden applications.
  • They are very lightweight making it easy to lift and install.
  • Specifically designed for drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes and roof gardens.
  • These drainage cells can be installed horizontally and vertically and are easily customizable to meet project specifications.
  • These products are quick to install and manage than traditional drainage systems.
  • No water clogging, sufficient space.
  • The product has been made resistant to biological and other contaminants.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading civil infrastructure product supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We serve countries such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman and others.

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30mm Drainage Cell

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Terravault/Modular suspended Pavement System

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Permeable Grass / Gravel Paver – Grass Paving System

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