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Firefighting pumping station is a key element of fixed water fire extinguishing networks. Together with the storage tank or water supply system, it constitutes the source of water. The firefighting network is made of a water source which is followed by firefighting pumps, pipes to carry water to the destination points, pipeline accessories like expansion joints, dismantling joints, and flange adapters for mounting the valves on to the network along with associated fire hydrants, valve chambers, washout chambers and air valve chambers.

It is very important that fire crews working the conflagration should not ran out of water because of the failure of any firefighting network component. Also in case of an eventuality the pumping plants should not stop operating due to any power failures. Again the loss of water pressure is not acceptable on a live firefighting network.

In an emergency the fire crews in the more efficient locations of the system and also at the marginal distribution areas should receive same water pressure. When fires are so large as to occupy multiple pressure zones within the system, firefighting must rely on water stored in the reservoirs, as moving water from one zone to another has little benefit when the water in each of the affected zones is needed within that zone for firefighting. Behavior of large fires is difficult to predict and to deplete one reservoir by pumping its water into another zone is a gamble which can backfire.

Therefore for the purposes of sustaining fire flows, focus needs to remain on providing adequately sized storage facilities (reservoirs or tanks) and to have the distribution piping of adequate diameter so as to efficiently move the water from the reservoirs to the areas needed, and in the quantities required, to combat the fire. Therefore the most efficient use of the firefighting network components become more important in today’s world. The firefighting products we offer are engineered to provide you the most reliable solutions in this field.

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