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Sewage Air Valves: 

A sewage water piping system should operate under stable condition. If air gets into sewage water transport systems it can have negative effects on the operations such as flow decrease, pressure variations, water hammer effects, and pumps going dry. If the quantity of air in water pipelines goes beyond the minimum level it can lead to effects, such as negative pressure in pipes due to water flowing off too fast. Because of these reasons, we need air release valves for maintaining optimum pressure in pipelines.

Air pressure relief valve are "small orifice valves," which are usually fitted at the uppermost point on a pipeline to constantly release unwanted air from wastewater pipelines to defend against the unwanted rush and maintain system efficiency.

Sewage air valves are intended to discharge trapped air from a piping system while the system is running and is under pressure. Valve’s capacity and pressure rating are dependent on the orifice’s diameter in the cover. Sewage air release valves require a big inlet connection for proper air and water exchange.

For effective air release defence and surge mitigation, Dutco Tennant LLC provides air release valves for sewage water systems. The valves that we supply have been designed after full research and understanding of sewage water markets in the Middle East and GCC region. These air pressure release valves also serve other functions such as preventing water hammer effect in the sewage pipelines.

We supply automatic air relief valves with the following features:

  • Our valves have been designed for gravel and sewage handling without the need of backwashing.
  • These valves don’t allow the solid material to reach the operating mechanism.
  • Valves have a special design to speed up the closing so that leakage and clogging of the valves can be prevented.
  • Available in highly corrosion resistant materials.
  • Stainless steel floats.
  • Resilient seating for positive shut off.
  • Designed to operate for a long time.
  • Covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.

The different types of industrial air release valves that we supply are Single Orifice & Double Orifice Type Air Release Valves, Combination Air Valves, Sewage Air Valves, Automatic Air Valves, and Vacuum Breaker Valves. Our area of operation covers the entire Middle East and GCC region, having completed a number of projects in the Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. We have participated in a number of exhibitions that are held annually in the Dubai and other Gulf cities.

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