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Flow Control Penstocks for Wastewater Flow Control - Penstocks and Rollergates
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Flow Control Penstocks for Wastewater Dutco LLC

A penstock is used for controlling the flow or level of a liquid and consists of a sliding door controlled by a mechanically operated spindle that moves over an aperture in a frame which in turn is secured onto a structure. A sluice gate is more descriptive of the product and the term is widely used in specifications outside the UK. The word ‘penstock’ originates from the days of watermills when it wasn’t uncommon for a pond (stored or ‘penned up’ water), which was used to feed the water wheel or mill race to be referred to as the ‘pen’. The wooden stop logs which are used for controlling the flow onto the water wheel was known as stock. Further, as the need to accurately control the velocity of the water wheel became more critical, a single sliding gate operated by a lifting mechanism replaced the stop logs with their individual sections.

Penstocks have several applications in arresting and controlling the liquid flow. They are used on Waterways, Power plants, Industrial effluent plants, Drainage and Flood control as well as being used in large numbers on water, wastewater and sewage treatment plants. Penstocks, unlike valves, are normally fitted into or onto the civil structure framework either in channels or over an aperture in a wall. The channels and apertures are sized to accept a range of flow situations and the penstocks are required to suit. This requirement alone dictates that they are a bespoke product.

Penstocks can be used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for isolating a piece of equipment or a part of a plant. They mainly consist of a steel frame, a steel gate, a neoprene sealing system sliding inside the frame, a stem, and a manual drive system complete with the control wheel.

Normally they serve the purpose of –
  • Isolating a piece of equipment
  • Shutting off a whole part of a plant
  • Controlling water level and flow rates

Penstocks are fitted into walls (to close circular, square or rectangular openings/windows) or into channels (with frame enclosed in the concrete). In case of large gate sizes Penstocks are usually equipped with a gear reduction unit complete with electric actuator.

The Benefits of Penstocks Offered by Us -
  • We offer cast iron and stainless steel penstocks that have robust construction.
  • They are durable and offer high impact resistance.
  • It can be deployed where there is high grit content in the sewage.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sewage and water applications.
  • Leakage is significantly less than approved standards.
  • We offer resilient seals and stainless steel fabricated penstocks.
  • Low maintenance and long life.
  • These penstocks are wall, channel or sidewall fixing and demountable.
  • We offer customized solutions designed to suit different applications.

Other Details

  • Penstocks are used for temporary blocking of a part on a sewage or drainage water system
  • Highest safety requirements with absolute tightness due to the sealing independent of the sliding frame
  • Slim design for standard applications. Optimum tightness due to the slide plate sliding on the seal