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Stop logs are used for closing channels temporarily for performing revision or maintenance work on pumps, valves or building sections. They are also used for flood protection. Stainless Steel Stop Logs are mainly used in structures where the removal, installation, and replacement of the logs are expected frequently. When a large amounts of sewage water is passing through a stop log gate, it can cause difficulties to remove or place individual logs. Larger logs often require multiple people to position and lift the logs.

Previously wood was primarily used for creating stop logs, the lack of dimensional stability within this material makes it difficult to manufacture products with highly predictable leakage characteristics. For this, a leaking stop log used in a wastewater treatment plant can result in unwanted contamination of clean waters which is highly unwanted by you. Stop logs remain in constant and regular contact with water which may cause corrosion and reduce performance. As stainless steel is corrosion resistant which provides a significant amount of benefit.

Stop-log sections contain the dam and when they are sharp-edged, they have a highly increased rate of performance as far as tightness is concerned. Manufacturers often use U-Channels, U-shaped sections, or even T-sections with the double web for this purpose. For producing these sections as sharp-edged profiles, stainless steel strips are laser welded to form the desired shape. We supply Stop Logs which are designed for open channel installation in wastewater treatment plants, irrigation, hydraulic works, and hydro-electric power plants. Several logs which fit on top of each other in the frame form the slide. By adding or removing logs, the stop logs model allows controlling the flow of a channel in an economical way.

Features –
  • Suitable for flows in either direction
  • A pressure-sensitive intermediate lip seal design for effective inter-log sealing
  • Extensive combination of wall and channel mounting configurations available
  • All logs are supplied with lifting pins
Advantages –
  • Low friction seals reduce the removal effort required
  • Available in corrosion-resistant materials:
  • 1. Long Life Performance 2. Low Maintenance Costs 3. No Protective Coatings Required
  • Low leakage rates are comparable with more expensive penstock alternative for infrequent applications
  • Compact design minimizes rebates at sides and invert
  • Flexible design provides several alternative options to the conventional mounting of channel and wall type stop logs
  • Robust construction
  • A cost-effective solution for high duty applications.
  • Flood alleviation
  • Maintenance of plant
  • Flood diversion
Stoplogs for Wastewater Flow Control

Stoplogs for Wastewater Flow Control

Stainless Steel Stop Logs for Wastewater Flow Control

Stainless Steel Stop Logs for Wastewater Flow Control