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Weir Gates are used to control the water level on one side of a gate and are characterized by opening downward to allow the flow of water over the top of the slide. We supply fabricated slide gates which are designed and manufactured with custom extrusions, structural members, and brake formed plate. With years of experience, we along with our suppliers have developed techniques for fabricating high quality slide gates which are designed and built based on job specific requirements. As there are no machined parts or wedging devices, the gate depends upon seal design to seal the fabricated slide. The Fabricated slide gates are furnished with UHMW seals which is a highly effective and proven design. They are designed for either open channel use or aperture type applications.

Downward opening fabricated gates are required by several treatment plants to permit a rough measurement of flow or to maintain a constant upstream water elevation. The gate slide opens downward for these installations to allow the flow of water over the top of the slide or weir plate. For this, either manual or electrically actuated lifting devices can be utilized. Weir gates may or may not be self-contained.

Salient Features –
  • Unique Self-Adjusting Seals
  • For assuring long term tight sealing, side and top seals are self-adjusting and are constructed of UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with a nitrile compression cord.

  • Tested and Certified
  • All our supplied weir gates are thoroughly tested prior to leaving the factory.

  • No Maintenance Fee
  • Our self-adjusting design eliminates any requirement for maintenance. Seals have no metal-to-metal contact to ensure no sticking, even after years of non-operation.

The main design features are -
  • Stainless steel fabricated modular design allows for both Open Frame and Self Contained configurations
  • Option of Rising or Non-Rising Stem configurations
  • Option of 3 side or 4 side sealing configurations
  • Suitable for actuation with manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators
  • Self adjusting seal design
Applications -
  • Flood Control
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Drainage Systems
  • Soil Conservation Projects
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewer Treatment Plant
Fabricated Slide Weir Gates for Wastewater Solutions

Fabricated Slide Weir Gates for Wastewater Solutions