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Acoustic Ground Microphone Leak Detection

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Our products and services have been divided into various business units which are categorized according to their type and applications. One of our most renowned business units is Instrumentation, Automation & Network Monitoring under which electronic support devices can be found.

With the modern series of ground microphones, you can find leaks particularly quickly, easily and reliably. The equipment uses modern digital signal processing technology (DSP) to clearly recognize the leak sound, even when there is a lot of noise in the environment. The sounds are not just perceived audibly but are also displayed graphically using ultra-modern dual segment analysis (DSA) technology. For the user, this means more reliability when locating water losses. The modern DSP technology used together with a 16-bit audio codec provides the user with high audio quality. Background noise is simultaneously minimized. This means that leaks which only produce a quiet sound can also be reliably identified. With histogram measurements, you can both hear and see the leak. Up to nine measurements are saved and displayed as a DSA sequence with this function.