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Actuators Civil Engineering Testing Equipment

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We have pledged to make this world a better place by providing the best solutions while keeping in mind about environmental wellbeing and social responsibilities. To establish a long-term and competitive position in the market, we uphold high standards of performance. Dutco Tennant LLC works closely with its partners, manufacturers, and contractors to supply products that envisage more well-organized and sustainable uses of industrial resources.

Our product offerings are divided into broader sections called business units. In these business units, we have included all our services and products. Material Testing is one of our most specialized branches of business units. Under material testing, we have various products of Civil Engineering Testing Equipment. For structural Testing, Actuators are one of the most famous devices.

An actuator is a device that moves or controls some mechanism. A control signal is turned into mechanical action such as an electric motor by an actuator. Actuators can be used on hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, thermal or mechanical means, but are increasingly being driven by software.

Backlash-free static, quasi-static and dynamic (cyclic testing) material, component or structural testing in threshold or alternating loading.


  • Wear-free Synchronous Actuators with hydrostatic bearings and optimized friction properties with stick-slip free movement also at very low and very high piston speeds.
  • Synchronous Actuators with integrated displacement transducer.
  • Differential Actuators with vibration damping.
  • Hollow Actuators with small guide play for high finish accuracy.
  • Rotary (Torsional) Actuators with optimized material selection and surface treatment.
  • Axial-Torsional Actuators for high lateral forces and emergency running.